Community Resources

Pro-Life Wisconsin

The constitution guarantees the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Nowhere does it exclude the unborn. The unborn are children of God and citizens of this country and should be equally protected under the constitution.  Pray to end abortion and euthanasia.  For more info on pro-life issues contact Pro-Life Wisconsin (877-463-7945). 

History has shown that it is always the dispossessed, those whose lives are easily overlooked, who are subjected to the worst abuses of scientific research. So-called ‘spare’ human embryos are particularly vulnerable to this kind of moral blindness because so many people seem to have difficulty identifying with their humanity. But only a purely utilitarian ethic would measure the value of an individual’s life on the basis of how useful he or she may be to others. When we treat human lives as disposable commodities, we inflict harms on our human community that no scientific advances can cure. Only by respecting the inherent value of human life from conception to natural death can we build a culture worthy of the supreme dignity of human life.
—Cardinal Francis George,
“Statement on Stem Cell Research” (Aug. 3, 2001)


Catholic Radio

As you travel this summer you can keep your radio tuned to Starboard Network’s Catholic Radio, home of Relevant Radio, all across Wisconsin on the following stations:  

  • EauClaire 1050AM               •  Hudson 740 AM
  • LaCrosse 1570AM               •  Wis.Rapids 93.9 FM
  • Wausau 92.9 FM                •  Madison 1240 AM
  • Green Bay 1050 AM            •  Minneapolis 1330 AM


Marriage 911 Retrouvaille of Central Wisconsin

Retrouvaille is a ministry designed to provide help for couples living with the disappointment and pain of a hurting marriage. This international non profit program is arranged to get husbands and wives to communicate and to turn to one another in love. It is presented by couples who have been through the program. For more information, call 877-920-HOPE and find out what you can do to bring happiness back into your lives.


St. Anthony Spirituality Center

 St. Anthony Spirituality Center in Marathon, Wisconsin offers retreats throughout the year. To obtain more information or register for a retreat, call St. Anthony's at 715-443-2236 or visit their website.


Catholic Junior League

Catholic Junior League is a group of Catholic Women whose purpose is to become aware of the roles of Catholic women in their community by engaging in religious, civic, philanthropic, and social activities. We are a non-profit, charitable organization that promotes friendship, leadership, and spirituality. Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month. If you are interested in learning more about Catholic Junior League, please call Kelly Wirz at 715-874-6594. 


Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels needs you! Eau Claire County Department On Aging & Resource Center Meals on Wheels Program needs regular and substitute volunteers to deliver meals in Eau Claire and Altoona. Meals are delivered Mon. through Fri. and delivery takes up to one hour at noon time. Volunteer once a week, month or whatever fits your schedule. A car is needed but mileage can be reimbursed. Bring your children and make it a family activity. Please help the homebound elderly. Call Ruth Kilness (715-839-4735) at the EC County Department On Aging & Resource.

For more information or to apply for Meals on Wheels please call the Aging & Disability Resource Center-Nutrition Program of Eau Claire County at 715-839-4886, 1-888-338-4636, tty: use Relay (711).


Senior Aides Employment Program

Senior Aides Employment Program of Eau Claire county is a non-profit employment & training program for mature workers. The program serves residents of Eau Claire who are 55 years of age and older by providing work experience, job seeking skills, and training. Senior Aides earn wages while working up to 20 hours per week. There are immediate openings at this time in the Eau Claire, Augusta, Fall Creek, and Fairchild areas. For more information call (715-839-5058).


Foster Care Families Needed

For various reasons we have children and adults that need to be placed in caring homes for a length of time. There is a foster care reimbursement for foster families, but that good family environment is priceless to the individuals receiving this service. By increasing the number of foster families in , two things are accomplished. First, by providing the best, most appropriate services in our own communities to people that need foster care. And secondly, this reduces financial burden on the county because alternatives to foster care are much more expensive to the taxpayers. For more information, please contact the coordinator at 715-839-6830  or Roy Sargeant, Department of Human Services Director (715-831-5824).


Separated, Divorced and Widowed Christians

A helping ministry to single souls in the Chippewa Valley. Hotline for up to the minute activity information (715831-7283)


Gamblers Anonymous 

Meetings are held every Saturday at 10:00 AM at Grace Lutheran Church, 202 W Grand Ave. Enter through the northeast entrance on 2nd Ave. For more information call Al (715-210-6897)