Sacrament of Marriage

Couples should call the Parish Office at least six months prior to the anticipated wedding date. A visit with Fr. Tom enables the couple to fill out the required paperwork. Please note that if it is a second marriage, annulment work needs to be completed before a date can be confirmed. Annulment assistance is provided by Fr. Tom or Jacky Miller.

Couples are requested to be part of a Marriage Preparation Weekend. They also meet with trained couples in the parish to participate in the FOCCUS Preparation. This is a pre-marriage inventory that facilitates the couple in communication issues that pertain to marriage. Both of these requirements are the Church’s pastoral way to assist couples in striving for a successful marriage.


Fr. Tom Krieg | 715-835-5887 ext. 102

Marriage and Family Life Newsletter from the Diocese of La Crosse--Aug-Oct 2013

Marriage Preparation Team

FOCCUS Couple Volunteer 
Marriage Weekend Couple Volunteer