Elizabeth Ministry

Our Mission 

To support women and their families during the joys, challenges and sorrows of the childbearing years.

Who Can Belong?

Women volunteers can become Elizabeth Ministers in areas they have experienced such as pregnancy, birth, miscarriage, infant or child death, stillborn, breast-feeding, post-partum problems, multiple births, adoption, or special needs. These volunteers are lay members of St. James Parish.


We give support when needed and will provide 4 to 5 meals for the family if they wish to have them. Contacts are made through Father John and the church office. We have a “caller for the month” to coordinate the membership.

Time Commitment 

Meal preparation and delivery about 5-6 times a year. Time it takes to offer support in the area that you have experienced or a qualified person.

Length of Service

As long as you wish to serve.


The leaders of the present membership provide specific training.

Contact Person

Unfortunately we are currently without a coordinator for this wonderful ministry so it is on haitus.