Joining Our Neighbors, Advancing Hope

JONAH is an organization uniting congregations to build a better community. It exists to deepen relationships within and among faith communities and to empower people in addressing the root causes of social injustice. (official mission statement, from the bylaws)

The following are some of the areas of involvement:

  • CJR: Criminal Justice Task Force
  • Transit
  • Immigration Reform Task Force
  • Religious Leaders
  • EJTF: Economic Justice Task Force
  • EXPO: Ex Prisoners Organizing for re-entry into the community
  • Partners with Clear Vision, Public Health, UW Extension on Poverty Issues
  • Ecology and Spirituality


Open to all wanting to become a sustaining member, please e-mail: jacchuck@yahoo.com

Community Organizer

 | XXX-XXX-XXX | ecjonahjustice@gmail.com

St. James Parish Contact

Jacky Miller | 835-5887  

For further information, visit JONAH